I strategically told the guy I like something

And now I'm not sure about how he feels about it. I have liked him for a while and it's gotten to the point that I need some sort of sign. I told him that someone at my work that teases me a lot. He looked concerned said that he thinks the guy likes me and it's not a good idea to be with someone at work. I agreed. I text him today that he's doing it again and he text me back to tell him that I have a girlfriend. I don't know why he said that versus saying I have a boyfriend. thoughts?


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  • Because some men don't care if you have a boyfriend...they will try to hit on you regardless of that fact.

    If you tell the guy you have a girlfriend, he'll think, "Oh, I have no chance in hell." and not even try anymore.

    • What I'm wondering is whether the guy told me to say that because he wants him to back off, or, he's being protective.

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    • Well obviously he has a sexual interest in you. If you don't want to outright tell him, just hint that you two should get together or go on a date. (Im sure he'll really know then).

    • You really think he physically interested? We're both adults so don't say that it's disgusting. I feel like he cares but it's at an awkward distance. I don't get why he texts back something kinky yet he panics I'd I reciprocate. What's that about? Usually I'm rather modest. Does that have anything to do with it?