Why do so many old men message me on dating sites?

I just recently started online dating and I can't complain about a lack of interest. However I'd say about 70% of the message are from old men, old enough to be my father (or grandfather).

I'm 19, I just don't get why a man who is 40 - 60 would want to date me?

Wouldn't that be weird for them too? We would have so few things in common


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  • Because older guys like me are attracted to young/cute women AND because we're not fearful of your rejection.

    Is this good or bad?

    I'm unsure.

    Just save yourself the trouble by ignore such emails unless you're interested.

    In about 99% of the cases the older guy is going to be a bad romantic choice for someone young and looking for love... but that doesn't make a match impossible.

    And, of course, most older guys are just hoping that you're looking for an exciting random hookup - which means they're NOT REALLY imagining what it would be like to date someone so much younger.

    Ignore us perverts and don't take it personally. :)

    ~ Robby

    • if they are less afraid of rejection, why do guys that age never ask me out in real life?

      I usually get hit on by guys a few years older than me. Like 22 - 25 but never by guys that old. I mean it would be weird as hell but it is online too

    • You make a really good point!

      Perhaps older guys feel less fearful of online rejection but still fear social / public rejection.

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  • They're probably out looking for easy girls. The messages you get are copy and pasted and sent to about 500 other women too.

  • lol

    They just want sex

  • They're not looking to date you, they just want to bang and that's it.


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  • They have an overinflated sense of their own attractiveness to women of your age. Or they just figure it'd be fun to bang a young girl again and don't really care if they fail or not -- it was worth the shot.

  • You know, I just had this conversation with my ex. I married an OLD guy when I was 22. He was in his 40th. After over a decade I left, but we are still friends. So, I asked him if it was weird for him to be seen with such a young girl in public. Wasn't he worried about people judging. He laughed and said that there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a younger person. Especially, if she is pretty. I know it is a cliche, but the cuter you are, the more attention you'll attract from the OLD guys and more intimidated the YOUNG ones would be.

    Good luck though! Life is fun. You can get the OLD guy to do lots of things that the young ones would never dream of ;)