Guys would you date a girl that one of your friends dated previously? Vice versa for the women!

Just a quick background – I was dating a guy that I met on a dating website for a few months, then for whatever reason he started to get distant so instead of waiting around to see if he would come around, I just told him I was going to start dating again (since we only dated for two months) . He agreed that was the way to go that he didn’t think it would work between the two of us.

I started to talking to another guy now on line, we had our first phone call that lasted three hours, and within those hours I realized that this guy was my old guy’s friend. I never met his friend, didn’t even know where he lived but knew of the recent divorce he had and how it came about.

The next night I told him that I thought we had a mutual friend, and when I told him he was really surprised (he didn’t even know me and the other guy broke up) He said that he was OK with us meeting and if it worked it worked. But then his friend called him yesterday and he said he didn’t answer the phone because he didn’t know what to say to him.

I told him not to say anything right now since we haven’t met and it’s not like we were looking to for each other, we just live in a super small area where it’s hard to meet someone that you are attracted to. And if we met and we liked each other then he can say something to him.

But I am just wondering can he really not care that his friend was dating me? Wouldn’t it be weird knowing I was “with” his friend? I am not sure I would want to date a guy if I knew just a few weeks prior was sleeping with a one of my girlfriends (but never been there so don’t know)

So Guys would you date a girl that one of your friends dated previously?


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  • No. No, I would not.


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