What are good topics to talk to women on online dating sites about?

What are good topics to talk to women on online dating sites about? I ask because EVERY time I try to initiate a conversation about a woman's favorite type of music, movies, favorite places to travel to, favorite places to go snowboarding, the type of art she likes drawing, anything under her interests section etc etc etc I ALWAYS get these horribly dull and painfully boring responses that I can't do ANYTHING with! Now I've considered the possibility that she's not interested but if she's not then why the hell is she even responding instead of just deleting my messages? Please help! Now please excuse me while I go stop this nosebleed.


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  • Smh , your halarious. OK first question you just get random noise bleeds? Or did you hurt yourself?. And on your dating sites do you have a picture showing, I heard that helps.. And I always wanted to try snow boarding heard from a friend it was fun... Anyway. Don't get so bent out of shape, unfortunately some women log on those dating site to kill time, I'm on about 3 lol and I rarely go on or respond, .. She's probably interested cause she responded, now you have to say something that catches her eye. Nevermind what's on her intrestt section. Try something original. Next time you inbox her... Try something funny, funny always work. Lol good luck

    • Lol the nosebleed thing was just a joke. And its not just one woman, I'm referring to a lot of them. They all seem distant as hell. Now when you say try something original or funny what exactly do you mean by that? I am a funny person and most of the time I can get girls to laugh but its kinda hard when you have nothing to go on and when she seems like there's a million things shed rather be doing than talking to me.

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    • Lol I've kinda tried that but thanks for your feedback.

    • Well, your welcome good luck.

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