Guys...any issues dating a "newbie"?

I'm in my mid-30s and have never dated anyone (feared men most of my life because men touched me inappropriately as a kid). Would a woman's inexperience make dating her less appealing? Would you date someone who has no experience and is in her 30s? I'm hoping it wouldn't matter! I'm very curious what you guys think!


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  • First, don't care of my name, it is not always true !

    I understand your fear of men caused by child abuse you had been victim of. Normal men have a repugnance for this !

    I have to reassure you about your inexperience. Sure your first experience will feel awkward to you because you are not a 20 years old girl any more. Are you attracted to older men or younger men ?

    In your case I think maybe you would want to look for a 25-30 years old man (my dad is 10 years old younger than my mom.)

    Please understand that too much maturity would harm your inexperience.


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  • I think it would be a privilege if you trusted me enough after so many years or abstinence.

  • really? are you serious? because it seems it is mostly men more than women who are late bloomers in dating, but I'm almost 25 and I'm a newbie


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