What should I do about my dad?

I'm dating this amazing guy, however he is Asian, that doesn't affect my feelings for him, but my dad is extremely racist and doesn't want me dating anyone who isn't Caucasian. What should I do about my dad? How can I talk to him? How can I tell him how much I like this guy?


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  • You cannot change your dad's point of views.

    At this point, you just have to live your life and do what makes you happy.

    I really wouldn't tell him about this guy unless

    I started to realize this will be a very serious relationship and this will

    be someone I am with for a very long time.

    I wouldn't tell him until at least a year into my relationship.

    You don't want to put this on your father with a guy you've only been

    dating for a few months...

    a guy that you might break up within a few.

    So my advice to you,

    -Tell this to your father if you feel this relationship is going to be around for a long time.

    -Tell your father when you've been with this guy for a reasonable amount of time.

    When you do this,

    -Do not expect your fathers views to change (he's had this view for his entire life, it will not change overnight).

    Expect your father to cause/bring you unhappiness because you do live in his household

    and you will most likely hear this daily (or feel the tension).

    Ask yourself these

    -Are you able to handle this?

    -Are you ready to live has a young adult and do what makes you happy?

    -How does your boyfriend feel about this? Is he going to stand behind you, or will he crack under pressure (and leave you because this is a lot to take on).

    Whether you tell your Dad or not,

    You have to learn to live for yourself and not for others.

    Respectfully listen to your dad's (ignorant) views,

    But ultimately do what makes you happy

  • Love has no color. Whether your boyfriend is white, black, asian, Indian... your dad should support you. Like COME ON, we are in year 2012, can we get over racism already? Go date who ever you like, you're young, naiive and free. YOLO. go have fun and date as many boys as you like, experiment, no one gives a f***.

    Although you should tell your dad that he does not control your life. & either he gives you approval or he can just keep it to himself.


    good luck . xoxo :)

    • Thank you this really helps :)