Help me decode some texts!

I have a nerdy friend at school that I have had my eye on since the school year began.

There is a joke that I tell people that I will be "forever alone" with my cats and knitting.

I sent him a picture of me the other day with an app where I am in the pic twice and it basically looks like I am hanging with myself and captioned it as so.

He jokingly said "Seems legit. Loner Wale by herself again."

Me: "I already know I'm forever alone lol"

Him: D'awww

Me: It'll be me and some cats. They'll love me!

Him: Pff no I won't let you get to that point.

So we talked about how he would stop me, blah blah blah

He says a little later that he would keep me company and I told him he wouldn't. He asked if I was talking about once we were done with college and I said yeah.

Him: Pff f*** that. Someone has to put you in your place.

After that we were talking about what our hobbies would be and our future.

I don't know if these mean anything, but he hasn't said anything like that before and I thought it was kinda nice. Any interpretations would help!


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds like friendly teasing, but at the very least he is mentioning still hanging out with you after college, which is a good sign. If he's nerdy he might be socially awkward or shy, if I were you I would start flirting a bit more obviously (if you feel comfortable with it) and ask him to hang out on weekends.


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  • Well it seems subtly that he might just be trying to make you feel better so I wouldn't try to force him to actually try a relationship just yet. Wait for some more obvious signals before you dedicate yourself to anything.

  • have sex with him at the earliest..


What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like he likes you to me, but you never know. Every guy is different.

  • It's only a little back and forth conversation it doesn't mean anything.

    There really is nothing to decode here, this is not Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    Ask your friend to hang out with you to do stuff. Go to a comicon convention or whatever.