He's acting a little differently...

My guy friend is suddenly turning all our text conversations to something dirty. He mentions boobs, or doing it or something or other. It's never him and me, just eagerly mentions the topic and how guys like my chest.

Also, he seems to get jealous of other guys, or , that's what I think it is. I told him that this one specific guy at work was hitting on me and he told me that I should tell him that I'm a lesbian. Other guys he jut makes fun of them once they walk away.

He had a skiing accident recently and got surgery. I was show worried about him but he acted all macho and brushed it off. Honestly I think he liked me fussin over him because now he's texting me more. I'm not sure what to think. What do you think?

Any thoughts?

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  • He likes you and wants to be more than just friends with you.

    Personally I do not feel a platonic friendship between a single male and a single female, that have the potential to be attracted to each other, is possible.

    He is merely an orbiter. Someone who is befriending you -or pretending to be just friends with you- to keep the chance open for a relationship later on with you.

    Now I am not saying this is a bad thing and I am in no place to judge others in this regard. It is all up to you to decide what to do with him.

    • I like him very much. I just don't know what to do! If I respond to his dirty text he says "woah!" or "tmi!" then I text back w "you're the one that started it!". And all he does is laughs! Why can he say stuff and not me?! Does he not mean it? Testing me.

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    • As I said. Tease him and joke about something. Play along. Be daring and confident. This will keep the good mood going while preventing him from inflating his ego.

    • Oh don't worry, I am. A long time ago he use to do this but not play as much. I was too bashful to do or say anything. It got weird between us and it stopped. Now because time has passed, I'm happier and more confident. Perhaps this has made him want to act this way more now.

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