Need help talking online?

Ok so I am on this online dating site mostly because my friends signed me up but anyways there is this girl on here that is really pretty And I would like to talk to here but she doesn't have anything that I can find to talk about.

I just need help on topics to start the conversation off that wouldn't be generic ones you here all the time


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  • What has always helped me online is just be yourself but just a d*** version of yourself ( women like bad boys that bs) But the primary trait of a d*** is confidence. Just need to be firm with your questions and answers, but don't forget to throw a few flirts and joke in the mix also. Ask her hows she's doing and what's she's up to when the conversation starts to die down say you have to go and resume at a different time. What I always do is just before I *go* is ask her is if she still wanted to talk text me at (your number) and if she's interested or just generally bored and wanted to talk you got her number.

    • Alright thanks but I can do all the it is just the Fing starting of the conversation and I am not nervous, I just have no idea what kind of things to ask, so I screw it up from the very beginning lol

      Any Ideas on Conversation starters with a complete stranger?

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  • Well, if you don't know then just be cute and ask "and what do you find :p,what are you into?"

    Shell find it cute.U just gotta dig deeper ask more.question why and how!

    • Yea I know that but what do I start with? like not your generic conversation starters

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