How to tell my boyfriend about my legal past? Would you date someone who has a criminal background?

Soo yes I made a huge mistake when I was 19 and very very very stupid worst mistake of my life I'm 22 now and I am almost back on the good foot I'm on probation for 2 or 3 years more no idea I had it extended to lower my payements.

This is what happened My crazy ex who was on heroine and was bipolar I didn't know he was either pointed a gun @ my head and said If you don't drive me to break into these houses during the summer and right now I'm going to kill you and come after your mother. So I did it b.c this is the time I found out he was crazy etc etc I had enough courage to go to the police station and I got every charge he did but then less b.c I "snitched" and I'm still fighting to fix my record. I've told people in the past no problem but one guy did make me feel like sh*t for it. I still do so how do I tell my new man about my past w.o running him away should I wait for a few months? I'm not a bad person at all I finished cosmetology school, I was a nanny twice, started auto mechanics and now I'm taking classes to be a foster parent if they give me the green light. Do you see me as a bad person or a threat? p.s I will be updating it underneath so please check that.


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  • you made a mistake, a rather big mistake but it certainly doesn't make you a bad person.

    as long as your honest about what happened, and clear about who you are now, a person should be able to accept that. I think there are people who are naturally going to say, "whaaaa!" but a good person understands people make mistakes and judges not on who you were but who you are and want to be.

    good luck with all of this!


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  • People make mistakes all the time. That doesn't mean that you're a bad person at all. I got into some trouble when I was a teenager as well, but I keep it to myself. Only my close family knows about it. I'm all for honesty but why do you feel the need to tell him?

    • we've only been together a week I'm scared he will dump me on the spot

    • Well perhaps you need to wait and see what happens then. A week is not very long and you don't wanna scare him off, just wait and see...

  • from my own experience... id tell him when you can... I'm going through this right now.. and my boyfriend found out on his own, which I wish didn't happen. I wasn't smart and left a Facebook chat box open where a friend asked if I told him yet about my arrest... which happened almost 4 years ago... but he got on his computer and read it and was completely blind sided... so... I mean I think I've come to terms where IF this guy is really the "right one" for you, he's gonna accept you for you, flaws and all.. it does suck. people make mistakes. bad choices, but also, look at what your doing now, your doing good so I mean, honesty is always the best policy.