What did I do wrong?

Last night I went on a date with this guy that has been talking to me for a couple weeks. We went to a movie and drove around the city aimlessly just talking. I thought it went REALLY smooth and really well.

He didn't try anything. Nothing at all.

He didn't try to hold my hand or kiss me.

When he brought me home he walked to the door and gave me a hug. Then after we walked away he said I hope you had a good time and I thought that was a good way to end the night :]

But - he hasn't contacted me all day today.

I even texted him and said thank you for last night I had fun.

And he never wrote back?



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  • Please stop worrying you have not done anything wrong and it seems like it has all gone well. You are overanalzing and need to calm down. Dating is about fun, about getting to know a person more and meet new people.

    A guy normally calls about 3 days after a date, the reason they do this is so that they have time to think and so you also have a chance to have space and think. He did not make any moves because he has giving you some respect and may not feel comftable doing other things on a first date and this is normal. I am sure that he will be in contact.

    You are still really young so please stop worrying and concentrate on having fun and doing the things that you want to do, there is plenty of time for getting serious in the future.

    I am sure that he will be in contact so please don't worry it sounds like he had a good time. The best thing for you to do is wait for his call or message because otherwise you will come across as desperate. If he does not call in a week then he is not interested and you need to move on. It is not because you have done anything wrong its because your not right for each other.


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  • First off, don't freak out yet. Text him again today and see what he's up to. You don't want to jump to any conclusions if you don't know. He could be waiting a couple days because he hears all these stupid rules that girls make about contacting them. Which is why those rules are absolutely ridiculous. But text him and see what he's up to.

    • He texted back, finally ! And we talked for a little while. His best friend and my best friend are dating and they are going out tonight and said I should ask him if he wants to tag along, and when I asked him if he wanted to hang out with them, our conversation ended and he didn't text back...

      So, he's deff not interested right?

      buttttt...it doesn't make sense because when he texted me back he said he had a good time last night and thanked me for comeing..?

      i don't get ittt !

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    • Indeed..

      well good luck !

      your great, I'm sure it will happen soon :]

    • Well thanks, so are you. Be patient hun! I was 18 when I got my first g/f, so you're still way ahead of me :o)

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  • i think yer thinking wayy to into it. just because he hasn't texted you back doesn't mean you did anything wrong..im sure something happened with his phone or something. trust me..i've felt the same way about things. :P so I wouldn't worry about it

  • Just chill. Wait for his response, if he never response, I guess he's busy or not interested.