Girls, is it ever okay to do this...

Okay about two weeks ago, I met this girl and we had our first date on Saturday. I've had problems with confidence and trusting others for the last few years, but I've been getting better at it lately. Towards the end of the date, I started alluding to a second date. I'm afraid I might have come off a little strong doing so. I've been single for a few years now and do want a relationship, but I'm worried I might have seemed a little too eager. I was just trying to show confidence and that I was enjoying myself with her. Was I wrong?


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  • I don't think that was too eager, unless you alluded to it a LOT and really put pressure on her. How did you do it?

    • Maybe two or three times. I just said "next time we hang out" and suggested big dance show that was coming to our area soon.

    • Hmm. Well that objectively doesn't sound too bad. But I've been in the girl's shoes and here's how it went with me - I already didn't care for him, so when he kept saying we were going to do things, it felt very needy. The bigger/more exciting he suggested, the more it felt like he was desperate to see me again (ballet, Broadway shows, etc. - anything I said, he'd remember and try to figure out something for us to do).

    • But if she was having a good time and responding to you, I'd say you don't have much to worry about. If she likes you, that's not a big deal.

  • I don' t think you were wrong in any way, I think what matters now is her reply. Was she willing to go on a second date or not?

    • Doesn't matter. She called it off.

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