She said she doesn't want a boyfriend?

So long story short I've been hooking up with my coworker the past month or so now. At first it was just a sex kind of thing, then it turned weird because we always spend the night and talk alot/cuddle. I've met all her friends multiple times, we always sit next to each other and act like a couple in group settings.

We text all the time, recently she's been carrying on the convo much more than she used too. She invites me over even when she's on her period, just to hang out with me talk, kick it, cuddle watch a movie etc...

I told her one night at a party that I liked her and she said "I know you do", we hung out a few days later, and I told her again in the morning when we were cuddling because I was drunk the first time and so was she. She acknowledged it again and said she remembered the first time I said it. I asked her what she thought about it and she was like" Well I don't want a boyfriend", I've already had 3.

And I know her ex boyfriend texts her a lot because she talks about him etc... Found out that she broke up with him in September, and likewise for me with my ex girl friend.

I'm just confused because how are feelings not supposed to get in the way with so much hanging out/cuddling with and with out sex?

Do you guys think she has feelings for me but is just being cautious? And does is this a common thing that girls do? I really like her so I'm going to just go with the flow right now and lay off a little bit to see what happens.


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  • She could just be protecting herself from getting hurt. Possibly she is trying to work things out with her ex and doesn't want to get too involved with you in case she can work things out with him. Justlay low and be there for her bit be careful not to get hurt yourself you know?

    • Yeah, I think I need to slow things down a little bit, because I kinda get that feeling too.

    • Yeah that might be best, I had that happen to me with a guy friend of mine. She could really care about you but most likely she is torn between her residual feelings for her ex and you.

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