Would you let on if this happened?

You are currently in a relationship.

you went out to meet a long tine friend for lunch. He turns up , walked towards you, hugged you and give you a quick kiss on the neck. You are surprised but didn't make a scene .

After lunch, you were saying goodbye. He put his arms around you and kiss you on the neck again, a longer kiss. Surprised - yes, also wondering how and why. After the kiss , you looked at each other, said nothing. You turned and walked away - feeling guilty, etc.

If you are in this situation, would you tell your partner ? Or would just not say anything , and make sure it never happened again?


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  • If I didn't want my partner to know I would make sure it never happened again. If I on the other side liked this one guy more than my current partner I'd probably not even be with my partner probably leave the relationship if I liked that guy more. Even so, I find it really strange when guys do that all of a sudden, I used to have a friend who'd get extremely touchy with me every time we met, it was annoying to say the least because he'd grab me by the waist just to say goodbye or just weird things like taht, but I was not attracted to him. I guess it is different depending on whether you trust this person, you see them often, you are attracted or not, to them. In my case I was not only not attracted but didn't see him often so it was just plain weird.

  • If I intended to continue my current relationship, I would tell him I met with an old friend and had a good time. But I wouldn't mention the kisses. I would say I didn't feel like continuing the friendship anymore. Then I would make sure it never happened again.

    But if my current relationship was under any other circumstances, I would react according to the situation and how I felt. It depends.

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