Am I too clingy, shall I just give up?

I met this guy last October, we had a drunken fling and I said I didn't want to see him again. This June I started talking to him again and got to know him, we were texting for several months but he is known for not texting back for up to a week. I meet up with him in September as I was back at university and he was talking about seeing each other, he then ignored all my texts and phone calls after this and in the first week of December I see him and he informed me a member of his family died. I spent the night with him (not sex) and he said he was attracted me to/wanted to see me again. I tried talking to him after I saw him now he just reads the messages and doesn't reply, am I too clingy? Shall I just give up? HELP.


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  • you're not clingy but it does sound like your being strung along. He seems to be repeating his behavior and you seem to fall into his web.

    Perhaps he likes the control

    Perhaps he's a player and has multiple partners

    Nonetheless you should probably just let it go. If nothing else make him make the next move to show that he is committed to working towards something with you

    Good luck


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  • I don't think you're being clingy, he's just not very interested. Has dating ADD with you, and probably many others. Don't waste your time. If you talk to him, let him initiate, and let it be something you do because you're bored and want to talk to a friend who messaged you. Not because you want to date him.