How should I improve breath for kissing?

I had buffalo wild wings for lunch today and might be seeing my girlfriend in a few hours. I had some really spicy wings (Caribbean jerk if you want to know) and I am trying to think of ways to get the taste out. I have been drinking water and ate some other things since then and more than likely won't have time to brush my teeth. What suggestions do you have? anybody?

well at the time I thought I was going to see her but I guess not, anyway thanks for the answers


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  • If you have a few hours, you have time to brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth (and your tongue, as the veeery back of the tongue is where I find the worst odors tend to fester) is probably the single best thing you can do - if you don't have access to a brush, toothpaste, and water, drugstores often sell little "wisp" brushes that come pre-packaged with toothpaste that are super easy to find and use.

    If brushing of any type is absolutely not an option, eating fresh parsley is a good breath freshener. An apple also tends to give you sweet breath, although I'm not sure an apple on its own would cover up carribbean jerk. You can also try scraping your tongue to get all the odor-causing junk off of it - it's a little gross, but it helps a lot.

    Good luck!


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  • If you had time to write this question, you have time to brush your teeth.


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  • besides mints and brushing your teeth, a common way to freshen your breath at just about ANY lemon.

    At the end of your meal, ask for a glass of water and a dish of lemons on the side (preferably 4 or more).

    Squeeze the lemons into the water, and put the depleted lemon wedges in the water as well (so the oils from the lemons can get in the water as well).

    Drink that, making sure the super lemony water gets all around your mouth and tongue.


    Trust me, it works! :)

    P.S. If you're at an AzN style restaurant (esp. sushi places), ask for a side of the pickled ginger. That will definitely freshen your breath as well.

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