Is it a coincidence that the unknown number was in the same area code as his?

There was this guy that talked to me through text, we were planning our second date, and all of a sudden he just vanished in to thin air. I don't know if he even got my message or not because there wasn't a reply. I assumed he just gave up and moved on out of boredom or something. About four days later I get two phone calls at 8 and 9 am. From some number I didn't know that happened to be the same area code as the guy that was talking to me. I didn't get any voice mails so I don't know if it was him, some wrong number, or a girlfriend calling to see who I am. He told me he was single but I'm not 100% since we were still getting to know each other, and I don't know him fully. I went online searching for information on the number, and the location of the number is on another side of town, away from where he told me he lives by. I'm not calling the number back. Would you say it's a coincidence?


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  • Probably a coincidence.


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