Guys: why do you act interested when you don't want to date anyone?


If you are so dead set on not dating anyone, why do you act like you are interested in a girl when you know she likes/d you? Like, why do you stare at her? Hug her goodbye? Notice her earrings? Try to impress her? Hang out with her one on one? Act jealous when she's talking to/she talks about other guys?


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  • Thats cause like how girls are those guys are basically jsut wanting to seek attention, flirt and not commit or basically jus wanna get in your pants. they also like the thrill of the chase as they like the challenge so once they know they got u. Boom you pose a threat no more. By the way the above you sed seems like the guy is really intrested in you and not playing games.

    • The thing is he doesn't want to date anyone ... and claim he isn't interested in anyone ... yet he pulls these strings. It's like "huh?" And I apologize girls play those games. That's not fair to you guys either.

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  • We often don't like the rigmarole and auction atmosphere of formal dating.

    Doesn't mean we don't like girls! So we stare and hang out and anything else we can get away with!

  • He doesn't want commitment but wants you...

    • ? what do you mean?

    • he is attracted to you..probably wants to have fun with you without commitment

    • If there would be a time, say, that he decides to date someone, would there be a chance or not? I mean, I know it depends on the guy, but still... I just find it not fair he knows my feelings and he plays that game.

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  • guys usually do this when they want to just sleep with you and have no strings attached in my opinion.

    • he's not like that though

    • I was in a situation like this and I said that too, honestly Its hard to say. maybe he just doesn't want to date anyone .

    • yeah, but he should know his behavior is unacceptable though