I just want to be friends...have I ruined my chances?

A few months ago, I went out with this guy, and I found him to be very judgmental. (He commented on my appearance, and a lot of other little things.) After our date I didn't want anything to do with him. I told my sister and she agreed, he was a jerk and that I should have nothing to do with him.

We didn't really talk for about a month. Eventually, we did start talking again and I told him how when we first went out, I was really upset with the things he'd said to me on our first date. He agreed, that the things he said were rude and was sorry, and that he'd like a second shot. I agreed. I came home so super happy, however when I told my sister she told me not to do it, and that I really should have nothing to do with him.

The night of our date came, and all I had in the back of my mind was my sisters disapproval, so our date was just one giant bag of awkward...and I felt so bad, because he was being his usual kind, sweet self...and I was awkward, and shady.

At the end of our date I said to him -- I think we should just stay friends. I feel so freaking bad! All I can think about all the time is what an awesome guy he is, and I feel so stupid for listening to my sister.

Are my chances over?


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  • Explain to him and see

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