How to avoid giving a guy a bad impression?

So what if a girl wants to kiss a guy on the first date of meeting each other, but only if it is a good night kiss. I am a virgin and don't want him to think I'm leaning toward friends with benefits, that sort of thing. Of course I wouldn't mention I'm a virgin the first date, unless he brings it up.

What's the best way not to give him a bad image of me when we are just talking about a small kiss, would the guy think bad, being the first time we meet and all, if it goes well.


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  • i farted when I first met my boyfriend, I don't care about whatever impressions I give! that's how I am

    so you think too much. just do it and if it goes further...tell him that's not what you wanted or tell him ahead of time you aren't into fwb. its really that simple :/

  • It shouldn't come up on a first date...