First conflict with boyfriend what to do now?

we have been together since the 8th and today is his sisters birthday I text him and said I just wanted to text you and say your so cute I could just eat you up and he thought I was talking about sex I just wanted to give him a compliment geez and I told him how I had a ruff day b.c of this guy from before texting me the fact that I'm in pain Because my body hurts and I didn't want to deal with him after he asked why I had a ruff day. Then we got on the subject of sex again and I said who's the one making this about sex he said noo were just talking about sex don't be hasty.

I felt like I was aggrevating him b.c he only sent one or 2 word messages after then I said Text me later you sound distracted he was what the f*** is your deal right now you need to chill.later... later as in never or later as in later I'm NOT good with relationships at all I haven't been in a long term ever but I feel like I'm always the one giving more into it and I always screw things up with things like this ;-(. Is it over already? will he apologize or should I just leave him alone and say its over b4 it started? I don't know I'm like a teenager b.c I've never had a real relationship.


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  • You two need to learn to respect one another. Plain and simple.