Guys: What are the reasons you stop answering a girls texts?

If you're texting a girl 24/7 and stop answering her texts, what are some of the reasons why?

Also, if you stop answering a girl and she doesn't double text you or try to contact you or show that it bothers her, does this make you respect her more? How does this make you feel about her versus a girl who texts you again and tries to start a new conversation?


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  • I stop texting for a couple of reasons.

    - Time: I'm in college and get busy very often

    - Phishing: I sometimes do this to gauge her interest. If she takes a bit to respond but still checks in, it lets me know she's still interested.

    - She's annoying: If she keeps texting me but never has anything to say (I've been sent updates that she was eating soup, when I didn't ask), I'm gonna start ignoring it.

    - Nothing to say: If I get sent a text that doesn't need a response or there's nothing to say, I won't say anything.

    As long as they don't text me within minutes of the first message whining because they haven't heard from me, I like them messaging me to check in. Girls who don't text back and just wait for me to initiate it, make me question interest. Overall, its good in moderation.


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