Is going out to a movie with an ex girlfriend considered as a "date"?

My ex and I have been broken up for quite a while now, almost two years. We dated for around a year back in our freshman/sophomore years of high school. We are both 17 and seniors now.

Things between us since she broke things off have been extremely complicated. We went from (this is no joke) talking to each other, to me bugging her, to her blocking me, to her unblocking me, to her being rude to me, to her apologizing and offering to be friends, to her freaking out at me, to me telling her we can't be friends anymore, to her apologizing again, to us being friends again.

Anyway, this time around our friendship seems pretty solid. We've hung out at my house and her house several times this year. On Christmas eve however we're going to go see a movie together. She was a little nervous at first because she didn't want it to be a "date", but I told her it wasn't a date.

However after all this time I still have feelings for her. I already told her in person the way I feel about her about a month ago, and she didn't mind. She said she still wanted to be friends anyway...which I found odd because she claimed that she "didn't see me that way".

i just find it weird that a girl who supposedly doesn't like her ex boyfriend would agree to go see a movie with him, knowing that he still likes her. Is considered as a "date"? And why would she still want to be friends with me?

Any responses are greatly appreciated!


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  • boys and grils can go see a movie as friends, not lovers. it's normal.


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  • I'm guessing she wants more than friendship. It is really hard to see someone has just a "friend" after you've dated them before.

    • if that's the case, why did she tell me that she didn't feel that way about me anymore?

    • She could be saying that just to test to see if you'll come back to her. It could be a self-defense thing. If she hangs out enough with you, she might just change her mind. You can at least try if that's your intention.