Why is it so hard to find a girl who would like to date you?

I just am so confused I have never dated and I just want someone to appreciate me.


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  • Don't worry about it. Honestly. It took me forever as a female to find someone.

    Don't be down on yourself.

    Just smile, laugh and have fun, and love will find you.

    Oh, and don't be too shy and not talk to them/ask them out.

    They might be waiting on you to take the risk.

    I know it's dumb, but sometimes it's how we are.

    You'll meet someone, just you wait :)

    • I am shy though

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    • i -1 because other 4 people did hehehe

    • Alright guys, hyperbole.

      Not about me anyway.

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  • I think these days relationships are looked at differently as a whole. Like, some people can be dating for quite a while and even reach the stage of "i love you" yet never become bf/gf

    On the other hand some people can date and know right away they are in love and don't

    hold back on becoming official but I think that case is more rare these days.

    From my own observations I think most "dates" are just flings used for sexual interactions.. this doesn't mean it's impossible to find good people out there though. They still exist, I'd like to think I'm one of them.

    Keep looking and keep all your options open don't limit yourself to who you think will like you because I've always been surprised in finding out who is attracted to me.

  • they show up in the least expected places, just be hopeful.


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  • Women are attracted to men who are self secure, self aware and self motivated.

    Why? Because we ALL are! We ALL want to be with someone who can comfort us, and love us and take care of us.

    Here's the problem... when you're seeking a relationship in order to feel good about yourself that makes you an emotional vampire... someone who's draining someone else of energy.

    That's gross and women will avoid that type of person.

    We all know the type... the depressed person seeking attention and approval.

    And the opposite is also true... women are drawn towards men who don't seek approval, who don't need someone else to make them feel good and appreciated. These men are most attractive because they have something to GIVE, instead of TAKE.

    So the easiest way to meet and attract women is to get a handle on ourselves... instead of seeking approval and comfort from a possible future partner we need to give OURSELVES approval and comfort and love. This is what self esteem is. A healthy picture of ourselves that we take care of.

    It's OUR responsiblity to make ourselves WHOLE and HAPPY, not our romantic partner's responsibility.

    If you're just lonely that means you need more connection with people you love and trust... like friends and family. Reconnect with them. Give comfort and love to friends and family... that's how you will feel loved and connected.

    Only THEN will you have the enough to GIVE back to a woman who deserves it.

    Know what I mean?

    Keep your chin up,

    ~ Robby

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  • Why is it hard for a woman to date me personally, or why is it hard for you to find a girl for yourself?

    Sometimes, it's a fluke. I know some great people who seem to be habitually single, and except for some tiny "problems," they should be fighting them off with a stick. Sometimes it's obvious. And without knowing you, there's no way to form an opinion about what might or might not be hurting your chances.

  • You and the rest of us...

  • It seems, from your wording at least, that your self-worth and daily life revolves around having some kind of companion. If you're in the condition you are now, can you not see how this dependence is harming you?

  • I find when you try to hard to find someone to love...they will never come. Love shows up when you give up and stop trying in unexpected scenarios.

  • Don't be sad, some people don't date till their 20/30s don't feel bad! You will find someone, don't worry and you don't need somebody to be happy!

  • I feel your pain too man...

  • Do you spend most of your time with men?

    Would you rather play video games than watch a movie?

    Do you keep hanging around the same girl that already rejected you?

    Do you act like a pushover?

    Do you exercise?

    Do you talk to women?

    Do you smell good?

    Do you have unrealistic standards of who you can date?

    Do you have unbelievably low standards?

    Do you keep trying to date untouchable women (your friends ex, your sister's friends, etc)?

    Do you have interesting hobbies? (I'm guessing that you do).

    Finding a girlfriend is not a difficult thing to do. Finding the right one is the difficult thing.

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