Dating for over 2 years now what?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years now and were both seniors in high its time to go to college. he just got accepted to the naval academy and I am so happy for him because that's a tough school to get into and that's in Maryland... and I'm staying in wisconsin to go to school...what would be the best thing to do? is it possible that we can date through the tough year that will be ahead? because there's a boot camp in the summer and stuff and we won't be able to call each other I don't think. I would love some advice...thanks!


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  • If you think you two can make it then try it out. You don't get many phone calls in boot camp. You do get to write letters though.

    • ok well the letters are good but how many times do I get to see him and is it actually possible to make it through the 4 years dating someone that doesn't go there? I think we will give it a shot but right now it actually sank in and I just started to realize it will be tough on our relationship

    • I don't know how the naval academy works. He might have time off, he might get to go home for the holidays. No idea. I do know that while he's in boot camp you won't be able to see him. He's supposed to be isolated from the world sans letters in boot camp. 4 years of dating is possible if you're both committed. It'll be tough and it'll test both of you but it's your decision. My girlfriend was a huge motivator for me while I was gone.

    • ok thank you so much! that was a lot of help...we have had ups and downs but everyone has and I'm pretty sure we will both try dating...i guess we will send a whole bunch of letters lol

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