Ok my question is about a scorpio man ,

I am a Capi , dating a Scorpio guy for one year and months . my question is based on his behavior and maybe some input on how to proceed before I drop the ball. we have had our ups and downs and but we ave keept in touch we live on the the borough and see each other one weekend yes and not the other and maybe tow weeks go by and then we meet for that following weekend . OK , but it has been 3 weeks know that we have not seen each other just text . a good morning and very limeted , I have to add that he texted me late afternoon wich is kinda interesting beign that we ussually text early and like I never here from him after nor him from me . so I feel he has been so so cold and is boithering me a lot really is freaking botherring me . I do not want to come forward like clingy but I see no reason why he has been so distant even if he text here and there . he says he loves me but lately I been dougting that love thing . I know is chritsmans time but I feel like he has set me aside . I asked him what he was doing this weekend and he responds with my family babe just. I understand is nothing wrong with that but I know his family and friends and he made me feels like an outsider . I have been nothing but a good woman to him. know I do not text or bother to give him his space but is difficult to know what is going on becasue I am not going to be the one just chasing .it does not seem that he misses me . but he does responds right away if I text viceversa. don't know I am feeling very confused and instead of just bursting out like an atomic bomb wich is my temper I been very good in letting things develop as it is ment to be . some advice will be helpfull . I wonder what will happen or will he realally continue this cold even with my birthday coming up . anyways lol ... he brings out my most animalistic instict sometimes I wish I can shoke him and then kiss him.


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  • Well scorpio people like clingy girls I think.However,BEWARE.Scorpios are evil.The sting is too poisonous. Its better to stay away !

    • well thank you Innocentface... I am defenetly not afraid of that stinger belive me , but I am keeping away because he needs to come to me . I have already done my part he text em again but till I see something significant , than I just wait .. I do love him but he needs to come out of his comatose stage .

    • yes . true said right. Patience is the best key.

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