Why does he intentionally not answer my texts?

We are dating since a couple of weeks. He was very keen in the beginning, but recently he starts to act strange. I get a bad feeling, because today he texted me in the morning, asking how I am. Then, he texted me in the afternoon to ask what I am doing, I answered and then asked him the same. I haven't heard from him since. In the evening I texted him again, and he didn't respond. Why would he do that? When he doesn't want to speak with me, why would he message me in the morning? And ask me questions and then suddenly go silent. Last night I went out without him, so I suppose he may be angry, but I am just guessing...What's going on here? Please help me read the guys' mind ;)


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  • He may be having phone troubles, but it sounds like he is playing games. Guys don't play games unless their losing interest.


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