I'm convinced I dated a narcissist, has anyone else ever?

i'm convinced this guy I dated is a narcissist.

has anyone ever dated one? any experiences? signs of one? etc.

google it, a narcissist is someone who is extremely self centered to the point that he is truly incapable of caring or understanding other peoples' emotions. some people only have strong narcissistic characteristics and others have a full blown personality disorder. they are huge jerks because they are mentally incapable of caring about or understanding other peoples' needs or emotions, or taking responsibility for their own actions.


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  • I did, we recently broke up, thank goodness.

    Unfortunately things can very from person to person but there are some things that are the same. With my ex he had a way of always finding a way in a social sitting to make it as if I were making fun of him and/or putting him down. He would twist my words and make me sound like a monster! He would also tell me that things happened which I knew didn't but since he sounded so sure, would make me question myself. In doing research I've learned that he using the technique of 'gaslighting'. He would also tell me that I made him mean, he wasn't ever like this before, he also tried to make me feel bad. I wasn't able to be upset about something because if I was then he had to be upset too. EVERYTHING was about him and what he wanted to do and I wasn't able to feel upset or concerned about my feelings.

    Now just to be clear though, things didn't start out this way though. He made me feel like the most important person in his life and that he couldn't wait to marry me. I thought he was my soul mate and I couldn't believe that the other girl he dated 'let him go so easily'. He had nothing but great and wonderful things to say to me and about me to others, it was amazing. Then all of a sudden it all changed and I couldn't figure out why but all I could do was try to get back to who he was in the beginning. It seemed though that as much as I tried the more distant and meaner he became. It was horrible and sad, I felt so lonely and depressed. Dating a narcissist is one of the worst things ever and the only way you can see things clearly is to completely leave them alone and cut them out of your life.

    I started seeing a therapist and it's help tremendously, I've also joined some support groups online to talk to others who experienced it too. You're not alone if you did date one and you're not crazy! It is them it was always them, it was NEVER you. If you're having a difficult time moving forward I STRONGLY recommend talking to someone about it. It gets a little easier as time goes on and you have no contact with your ex. I hope the best for you!


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  • No but it sound f***ed up and I feel sorry for you.


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  • Whats that?

    • @Update never have never will.

    • no one would choose to by choice, at least no sane person. they mask it at first and it takes a while for the personality to come out, you have to be very careful and if you are you can spot early red flags but I was stupid and couldn't accept it until it was in my face.

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