Am I misinterpreting something?

So met this guy at a local band show, he's the singer in on of the decently popular ones around my area. I always caught him looking at me but I was always too nervous to talk to him but I sucked up my courage one day and told him he put on good show. We talked a little. He asked if I was dating anyone. And I assured him that I wasn't. I got to another show a couple weeks later that he was playing at. He came up to me and the group I was with and said he was glad I made it. After he played he asked one of the friends I came with how old I was and told him the he thought I was hot. My friends and I went to this after party. I figured he wouldn't show up because he said he had to work early in the morning but half way through the night he showed up and we started playing beer pong but didn't really talk much. He made me extremely nervous. We did talk a little afterward about our interests. And my friends were all making jokes about us falling in love and what not which made it even more awkward. But as we went to leave a gave him a hug and my number. He texted me once I replied and then he never texted me back. So I waited a couple days and texted him . We sent a few messages about what we were doing and so on then he just quit texting me in the middle of it. So am I missing something? I think the signs are they that he likes me. He seems rather shy when were together, but at the same time he is the lead singer in a band. Or am I just over thinking this?


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  • he gets lots of p**** your just the newest one on his radar,eventually he might get around to f***ing you.

    • Sadly, I agree with Jager.. he is likely to be interested in getting I your pants, but not serious about anything else. He might have realized you have standards and has already decided not to do the word required when he can find an easier girl... so he might have done you a huge favor by moving on. Good luck, James

    • Not necessarily true. I have a good guy friend who's in a band and is most definitely hoping to find a girl that's right for him. He's very interested in a relationship with someone he's compatible with. I also have a male friend in a different band who found and married a girl he met while in the band. That's unfair to say.

      Bbuuuttt...I will confirm that a lot of band guys do just look for p****.

      It's case by case and we don't know firsthand which type this guy is.

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  • Hey there Girl!

    I don't know everything, but I have this feeling he was just interested in using you for sex like the other posters put down too. In my experience, guys can treat you like their interested in dating you, but after awhile they give up eventually if they don't get what they want out of you and go on to the next women that seems easily available. I don't trust most men now, I wish they could be more straight up with you instead of wasting your time and lying. They treat me like I'm a retard or something. But hey why wait on him anyways to get back to you, I think if a man really wants to be with you, he will make the time, do you really a man you have to wait on all the time anyways? just my two sense, It's really up to you what you wanna do.

  • ugh, guys alwaaaaays do this. its so annoying. but he is interested, but this can't be explained.

    -love Sosa