Why would this guy date an older woman?

Why would a young, attractive guy date a saggy woman who's already past her 40's? I don't get it. Does he expect her to pay after his ass? Because I can't think of any reason other than that. Or maybe he doesn't have game and can't score young, hot girls? Just wondering.

I'd like some girl opinions if possible...


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  • I don't know. Why is it that I, a 30 year old guy still occasionally get hit on by much younger girls, in their early 20s? Why did I get hit on by disturbingly young girls in my 20? Why does anyone ever go after older people in general? I don't actually know. Maybe they connect on an emotional, or mental level. Maybe he's thinking she's got "experience" and that the sex will be better. Maybe yeah, he does want to be a kept man. Maybe he has an Oedipal complex. I honestly have no idea. I don't know this guy. All I can do is guess. That, or suggest you go ask him directly. Just try not to sound so angry or insulting if you do.

    • Why? You're asking why MEN would go after older women. Men, in theory, should know better than women would.

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  • older women are seen as Cougars. its a preference from every guy partially the most reason anyways could think of is guys date women who are older cause older women are more mature, play no games & prefers to be in real relationships rather than one night stands or flings

  • I like dating girls older than me

    But it could be a number of things

    It could be what you said or,

    He could just prefer old women,

    He coud be geninly attracted to her,

    He could actually love her.

    What's that saying about love not being able to count?

  • Some older women are so attractive.


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