What's the least date-like thing I could do with this guy?

This guy asked me out, but I'm not 100% sure I want to date him yet because I barely know him. When we hang out, I want to tell him that I want to be friends first and see where it goes. We've been texting and he keeps bringing up things we can do like watching movies together or going out to eat. I'm just not comfortable with the whole date date setting yet. I really don't want us meeting up to hang out to be a date. And I don't want him to pick me up, I want us to meet up.

What do I suggest we do? And how do I tell him I want us to meet?


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  • well being friends you would be doing stuff like watching a movie and going out to eat something .. but you could always ask to go to a park and chill out ..

    or you could plan you and your friends meet up with him and his friends for a drink at the weekend .. because then he can't pick you up if he's drinking

    u could say you want to meet him in town and go shopping with him friends do that

    just be straight up with him and maybe he will suggest something you can both do something that isn't classed as a date just be honest to him and it will solve the problem


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  • Give the guy a chance! Just get lunch or something. Have some fun.

    If you don't want to go on a date, don't go out with him. Period. Just tell him that you aren't interested and stop wasting his time.

    Other than that, you could take him to church or on a tour of the local morgue. Sounds un-sexy enough for me...


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  • Go to the movies or out to dinner or even just lunch