How often/how easy is it for someone to change your mind into dating them?

Sometimes we have situations where we find out someone likes us. At the moment we don't share there feelings. But then, sometimes something will change and we eventually fall for them. Other times, they stay friends, and we never change our minds.

Approximately what percentage of encounters, where someone liked you, but you did not like them back, did you change your mind?

  • I never change my mind into liking them (aprox. 0-20%)
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  • 40%-21% of the time
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  • 60%-41% of the time
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  • 80%-61% of the time
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  • I always change my mind and end up liking them. (81%+)
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  • People are strange beings. We can change our opinions faster than we change our socks, for no seemingly important reason other than convenience. A person can change their mind for any reason they want.


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  • the only time that has happened was with my ex, I didn't like him that much in the beginning , he wasn't bad, but not my style, plus he was dating my friend at the time so I never even thought of him as a potential partner... it never crossed my mind. He started flirting with me right after she broke up with him, but he turned out to be a great guy..

  • It's never happened. There is really nothing a guy can do to get me to like him if I don't already like him. I either like you, or I don't.


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