Stay or leave? But I really love her..

Well, I have been dating this girl for 2 years already, but her mom didn't like me. We met at college and we still in college and in last semester. Her mom will go as far as stopping her education as long as she didn't see me at all. I have gone to see her aunt to explain the situation that we just friend (her aunt threaten me saying she will punch me or hit me using a car if she find out that we are dating). Afterward, her education were resumed. Now we been dating secretly for 2 years. I'm tired of this situation, recently her mom found out that we still dating, and threaten her to stop her education, and even go as far as to keep a spy around the campus. I am seriously tired of this, we cannot date like other couple, cannot do anything, only meet at class and bring her out on Saturday if we felt that Saturday is safe. I really love her, I have been trying really hard for this 2 years. But now, I don't have any motivation at all.. The reason why her mom didn't like me is because maybe we are from different races and religion. I need advice. I'm 20 anyways and she's 24.


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  • Leave, just leave.

    Tell her that no matter how much you love her, outside forces seems to be so strong that it hinders both of your career's progress towards a better future. If both of you will be someday independent and career-successful, you can bring up the subject again if attraction is still mutual.