Do guys ever lie about saying liking one girl? Am I getting played?

I met this guy through an online dating website. He lives about 2 hours away from me. We actually went onto a coffee date. I deactivated my account by that time because I was just not really interested in any of the guys on there. He told me that he hasn't gone on it for a while either. But I was like whatever, because I know he still goes on it (my friends still has hers, so I can see that he still goes on it like once a week or something). Then we would text and flirt everyday for a month. He would send me good morning texts everyday. I think real life interaction is most important to see if we can actually get along. But it seems like the times that I infer to get together, he would just brush it off.

so he kept on saying that how he likes me and only likes one girl. he said he wanted to see me, so we've set a day and time. but the day of, no answer and no show. I was pissed that I was blown off and even more puzzled. why would he put so much effort onto me? then he texted me the day after to apologize and said his grandma died and that she was really sick. I called him out, and said to him that honesty's the best policy but he insisted it was the case. who knows? maybe that was it. So gave him my condolences. then on the same day, he just logged onto the dating site again. yet, he continues to text me and asked how my day was.

Seriously, I've only seen him once in a month, and he clearly lies about the dating site log in thing, and ditched me on a date with the grandma died excuse (not sure if it's legit), yet he still seeks communications. Am I getting played?


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  • Well if you like him, you should keep showing him that your interested..He's obviously keeping his options open if He still signing in on the dating site. & any person that lies about there grandma.s death is crazy so if you do find out that's a lie I suggest that you don't talk to him..ever.


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  • Guys lie all the better get used to it

  • May be he goes to the date site to check if you are still there?

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