Don't want to lead him on. Should I reply to text?

There's this guy I know. I think he likes can I reply to his text without leading him on?


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  • Nice Way: Be short with your answers and don't flirt back.

    Mean Way: Ignore and don't reply.

    If you see him everyday, or frequently, be nice.

    If you know you'll never run into him or have any mutual friends, be mean.

    • Nice! I think the short curt responses should do it.


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  • just reply to all of his texts calling him a friend, i.e buddy, pal, etc. He'll get the hint sooner oe or later

  • So is this due to the fact you know he likes you and you don't want to pursue something with him. I wouldn't reckon ignoring him completely beacause it's pretty mean,but you could either tell him and keep a distance at a friendly level.

    • Yeah, I don't think I will ignore him.

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