Why do guys need space and how do I stop being crazy?

Why do guys like a girl less if it seems like she really cares about him? My boyfriend really pursued me when I didn't want a relationship. Like he REALLY wanted it. Now that my heart is fully in it, his isn't. I spent Christmas day going through nicotine withdrawls and being completely alone, and I went crazy texting him. He was being a d*** last night and now he won't even tell me if we're done or not. I told him I'm sorry and the reason why I went crazy, and that I just needed closure. He won't give me any. Won't make it clear if we're done or not he just doesn't want to talk to me at all. All he said was that he was sorry to hear I spent the day alone. I know I text him too much but when I don't hear from him I imagine him with another girl and I don't want to lose him so I just tell him everything that goes on in my head. Why does he need space? More importantly, how do I stop myself from going crazy if he ignores/breaks up with me? I realize after I send the message that it was an irrational thing to say.


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  • link Gives a good explanation.

    Short answer : Bonding with a girl increases oxytocone, the love hormone. The problem is that this decreases the testosterone level in his body. Which leads to stress, mood-swings, decreased sex-drive and other things.

    He needs time for himself to rebuild his testosterone, so he can be like a man. Which probably is one of the things that attracted you to him.

    Best way to stop acting crazy is by realizing he's pulling away because he's falling for you.

    The article gives more explanation on how to act.


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