Me and this guy went on a date and its been a few days since I have heard from him. Is he just not interested?

We went to the mall and hung out then a movie and during the movie he held my hand then he took me home a we hugged and he said he had fun.. but I haven't really talked to him since. This was Saturday and know its Tuesday. Should I just forget about him?


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  • Why don't you hit his phone?

    -love Sosa

    • I might try.. but I don't wanna seem clingy..

      thanks for the reply!

    • Sure, and you don't have to be 'clingy' just ask if he enjoyed the date and if he'd like to go on another anytime soon.

      -love Sosa

  • Show him that your still intrested, by textn him or caling him.

    • i kinda tried but he would text short reply's and I don't wanna seem clingy.. would just asking him if he's still interested be to straight forward?

      And thanks for the reply!

    • No, you're showing him that you don't beat around the bush and wanna know the answers. He should be doing the same, if he's not interested he should have said not leaving you on a freaking cliff