My crush is dating someone else and moreover my friend is dating my ex..

So yesterday there was a party at my place where my crush had told me that the girl he was after had finally said yes and now they are in a relationship.. I was heartbroken then just to make things worse my friend asked me whether she could date my ex I mean comeon how can you ask such a thing well I had to say that I was fine with it..i am nt sad that my ex is dating my fren its just that my crush just got a new girl and well that my ex has someone but í am stlíll alone I was neves líke this I used to tell my friends thatthey should not cry over guy who is such a big jerk but now I get it why they just coudnt move


please don b mean or anything..

Oh right :-P sorry um so my crush is coming to my place on sat so m wondering whether should I tell him how I feel about him or should I act like I don't care?


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  • Your crush. You should flirt with him. Don't tell him how you feel. Just flirt.

  • There is no question here.