How to avoid being led on and used for sex while dating?

Why would a guy continue dating a girl just to get sex?

Why lead her on thinking it will be more till she becomes more upfront about what she wants?

They say guys do not like being pressured into relationships but sometimes if you do not say anything and go with the flow their is always the risk of being strung along as well.

I think it is just wrong. I know other girls do it also but I am in the majority who do not.

How do you avoid getting in that situation while you are dating?


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  • Don't go with the flow.

    Guys who don't want to date don't like being pressured into relationships, just like girls who don't want to have sex don't like being pressured into putting out.

    You want a guy who wants an actual girlfriend who has emotional connection and lots of hot sex?

    Say so.

    Guys who don't want that will back away. That's part of the point.

  • Well because we like sex. The best way to avoid it is by not sleeping with them fora few months and play hard to get. If he is willing to play the game then he might be what you are looking for.


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