He always texts and calls making promises ... I'm so stuck.

This guy that I have been with for two years now smokes (weed)

And drinks almost every day. I hate it so much I'm not saying I

Haven't done my share of partying but because I actually want

Something I have stopped. It's annoying to me because he says hell stop yet I hear that he's out partying. People tell me that If I love someone ill love them no matter what.. He never used to be

Like that he always said that was above him. He was always the athlete who never did anything I just don't know what to do with this change... He always texts and calls making promises .. I'm so stuck.. Help!


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  • You should probably talk to him about it more. Figure it out.

  • It's in your hands what you decide to do, why waste your time if you're unhappy.


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