What does it mean if a boy sent me a <3 by text/messanger?

He had no credit for a few weeks so obviously I didn't text him then he messaged me on Twitter saying Merry Christmas and sorry, he will get credit to text me with a <3.

He has never done this before and we have only been friends for few months.

We don't see each other in person as he left school and he is 2 years older than me.


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  • He's being flirty with you.

    • he isn't a jurk like most other boys, he doesn't flirt with everyone and anyone. Should I ask him what he means by it?

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  • This is a hard one. The best answer you can get is from him.

    • I don't know how to ask him bethought scaring him off. Should I wait until he texts me instead of over Twitter?

    • I would wait until he texts. Then start off with saying so these last couple of days I've bin wondering what you meant by sending me the <3