How often do you have 2nd thoughts on dating someone?

It seems when I date someone she always gets distant and seems like she is no longer interested in me, all I have to do is back off and not talk to her for a day or two and she will miss me and start trying to initiate everything again. After talking with some female friends they all said early when dating someone they have regrets and want to dump them for virtually no reason. My question is when you first start dating someone do you ever have 2nd thoughts about them for virtually no reason? If so how often and what are some of the reasons?


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  • On dates, women become self-conscious about their self.

    Is their make-up done well, their dress fitting, there hair looking the same as when they last used a mirror, their choice of words are excellent, and others. There's so many reason that they look like they are having second thoughts at the moment.

    Draw her in, with your charm to avoid these moments.

    Make her comfortable with you. Use statements instead of asking a lot of questions.

    Tease her. Try also foot-wrestling under the table with her. When having a date, sit beside her, not in front of her. This will stimulate a lot of desirable tension between the two of you.

    Lead the interaction. Keep it fun, don't try to be funny. Remember, keep it fun. Women love fun.