Can I text him first?

There's this guy who goes to the same school as me. Recently he's been messaging me online a lot (he almost always initiates). I also see him in person frequently in school (and we've hung out a couple times, mostly in groups), so we usually have some sort of contact at least once a day. We never have texted that much though. Now we're on vacation, and we haven't talked much. He texted me a few days ago and I responded but I think I was too brief. Based on the interactions we've had, I think it's possible he might like me, but I'm really not sure.

I usually try not to text guys first but I'm worried that he's sick of contacting me first and I've made him feel like I'm not interested. On the other hand, maybe he's just not interested in talking to me anymore now that we're apart, and in that case, I don't want to be the annoying girl texting him. Is it okay to text him first, and if so, does it matter what I say?


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  • Please text him first.

    I get so nervous when I have to initiate conversations all the time.

    It makes me/him feel like you're not interested.

    Much better to initiate then to worry about him being sick of you.

    If he is initiating then he probably likes you.


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  • text him first, guys like when girls show some interest too, and even if he doesn't like you, you guys are on friendly enough terms that it wouldn't be weird for you to be texting him.

  • Just like how girls like to get texts first so do guys. So text him, he may be thinking the same thing as you, "i won't text her because I don't want to be annoying" and if both of you are thinking the same thing then you guys will never talk. He seem's interested in youuu. and one last thing DONT BE A BORING TEXTER! :) hope everything goes well!

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