If you are around a guy you like, but he is not figuring out that you like him would you continue to chase him?

I just find that I am terrible at understanding girls. I do not know if they like me, or being nice, or flirting. I feel oblivious. I look back on my life so far and I see that some girls may have been into me, but of course because I am a dumbass, shy, socially...retarded (sorry for that word I don't mean to offend) I realize that some of the girls that I have barely known may have liked me. And now I have no chance with them and they have all moved on. And I'm almost 26 years old, never been on a date and I'm worried now. I don't even have many close friends that could introduce me to someone nice. I don't really want to use dating sites but I am signed up for them but I have not spoken to anybody yet because I don't like that idea of start to a relationship.plus I may be going back too school and I don't think a girl wants somebody who's going back to school. Sorry foe going on and in you van just answer the main question..


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  • i am so glad I read your question , hopefully we can solve this mystery FINALLY! ha ha OK OK one thing at a time: dating sites. most people go on there to hook up. true story. trust me. I've heard many a nutty story, weird creepy stuff. I mean, try it, it's up to you, but hook ups is what it is all about. and if you're gonna hook up, may as well do so out in the real world where you at least see what you're getting...! anyway. second of all, a person going back to school? are you kidding me? that's awesome! what's cooler than someone who obviously wants to get their life on track and actually has the guts to do it?! very brave, very cool. says a lot about character so don't give that another thought. gaaah I'm turning 26 in three weeks and I still have not had a relationship, I've always just dated people for a couple of months or whatever. so I get that it becomes a bit tough after all these years to get yourself out there. my cliche advice is to just get out there and embrace the world. if you're a geek go out there party it up at the library LOL if you're a fit type of person go out there join a gym or a sports team! If you're adventurous go out there try hiking or bungee jumping whatever if you're artsy get out there and join your local drama theater group DO you get what I mean? get out there and embrace the world with all its flaws, in all its glory. And just enjoy doing what you like doing! simultaneously, you'll be mingling with people who like the same things as you. two for the price of one:) I got fed up, I am a kindergarten teacher and I love it BUT I'm at work all day with toddlers and so I don't meet people at work LOL and going out at bars or whatever at night, you only meet people who usually just wanna get luckySO I got pissed off and joined a creative writing group and also started playing the trumpet again and it all just got better!

    now about your question: I'll just share my experience and I hope it helps. I totally fell for my friend's brother (bad idea, some would say) from the moment I saw him. I thought that only happened in movies. but whenever our eyes meet, it's fireworks and sweet affection all at once. and yet it's been ayear and he hasn't done anything. I was like, he's shy, I know, but I mean I kept dropping hints and doing my best and he always seemed extra nice to me and complimented me blah blah but maybe he was just friendly...?! how blind can you guys be?! LOL you gotta take the risk, man. just do it. if a girl is talking to you a lot obviously she likes talking to you and that's a good start! ha ha And I mean what else do we gotta do to get you guys to see?! I almost gave up, I mean, it's been a YEAR jeez...>And a month ago I joined the creative writing group and he kept hearing how much fun I'm having and how I got asked out too and he finally started showing me how he feels! but did we have to come to this? buddy, did you have to get jealous? why didn't you go for it before? so don't complicate things dude. do it!

    • Thank you for your answer! I tjink I need to rwad it every time I feel dwprwssed lol. Seriously though its uplifting to hear things like that.but do you really think thata girl who is finished achool and trying to start her life is going to fate aomebody that hasn't found a career and going to be in school for another 2-4 years. I don't know I feel like I've misses the boat. And yes I feel that us guys need a lot of help to understand girls. But then again , if I liked a gil I never show it. shy

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    • Well you're asking someone in a special sitution: my mom had some issues and my brothers and I move back in with her, now my older brother is 34 and still living at home so I've gottrn used o that sorta thing. And he's still the coolest guy I know:) o course it sucks girl wise but again when you really like someone it doesn't matter! From a girl's perspective, get this: the guy I like moved here a year ago and sleeps on his sister's couch, has no job and is 24. It doesn't bother me at all! Why? Cos

    • Because I don't judge people this way. You either click with someone or you dont! I would never say OH he lives at home daaamn I really liked him OK anyway bye" No way! so why complicate it with stereotypes? Especially if the guy is working on making his life better. If you sit on the couch having beers all day I'd lose interest! be proud and also be cool about it all:) And I promise, meeting people in school is so easy! It's OK if girls are younger! As long as they're not underage!

  • Depends if the girl loves the guy. You only live once what are you scared of? Get out there and have fun. There's so many places you can meet girls. Like club etc.


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