Is he preparing himself or something?

If a guy starts saying things like he's going to try harder with texting me, texting me more when something's wrong, mentions how we have to work on our communication, and even told me that he loves my texts but to give him a chance to reply rather than keep texting (I admit I get excited and when I tell a story I break it up into too many texts.). He use to hardly ever text me before and now does it all the time, even I'd he's out with friends. Is this his way of preparing to start a relationship with me?


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  • Yes, he's up to something you already know.

    But the way he acts, I think texting is not a good way of communication because it doesn't show the real person and his actions are away of your view so you don't know if he's being real, or just playing around.

    However, if he's texting your more, more, and harder (as what you've said), he's investing in you too much. I think he's already creeping me out, if someone texts me like that.

    However, don't fall for a relationship because of texts. Meet him up in person. Have a communication personally, and more, you can try going out for a date. = ) That's romantic for you, isn't it? ; )

    • Yes we meet up in person at a common place. I'm more guilty of texting a lot. He actually responds or write to me. It's not constant. It was rre before now!

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