What is going on in my ex's head after breaking NC?

My ex and I broke up a little over a week ago. He ended it, but, we had a fight the week before and I said I was done, but, later tried to apologize because I was drunk and didn't really mean it to come out that way. We were having some problems getting on the right page before that, so, it was pretty much the perfect storm.

He said that he thought we should go back to being friends, hang out, and see what happens (we dated for a year, but, we were friends for a while before dating.). Then, he just went on about how we don't click anymore, and we are better as friends, and he can't really be a boyfriend right now. I originally said I couldn't be his friend again, but, then called him days later saying I thought I could, but, not right now because I was still getting over it. He said he was relieved because he missed talking to me. I said I didn't want to talk much for a month or so, so I'm able to move on, just simple how are you doing conversations if he wanted.

We didn't talk for about five days, then, he texted me saying Merry early Christmas, and asked me all kinds of questions, started joking with me. Then, on Christmas, I texted him Merry Christmas, and asked if he got everything he wanted, and we ended up talking all day/night with him adding new conversation when it got stale. He was sending joking/flirty messages, as was I. Of course, I got sucked in and broke my own rule.

Now, we are back to not talking again. I guess I was just wondering what he is thinking? I know why I was flirting, (because I still like him, and want him back), I'm just not sure why he is. This is why I wanted to wait to talk to avoid confusing crap like this, and, of course broke my own rule like I said.


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  • it sounds like you just need to give him a little room.


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  • He wants you to chase for him, which also mean that you're breaking your own rule again.

    If I were you, move on. Guys who play around intentionally/unintentionally doesn't deserve your worth. = )


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