Why do some people only see the value money in the gifts given in a relationship as love?

I would rather get to know the guys personality traits. Before bothering with wondering how much money. He's planning on spending on me in the future. Has society become so shallow and self absorbed. Leading one to believe that money is the only thing important in the relationship? When did (I want, I need, give me, and buy me), become a dating do rather then a dating don't before the first date even occurs? It's understandable to want a provider to help out financially in the future. Once a long term relationship is established. Though some individuals believe that extravagant gifts should be given before the first date even takes place. This is outrageous. Why do some men feel like they have to buy a women a gift before the first date even occurs? A nice simple gift and gestures of affection should be more then enough. To let the ladies know your interested. Has society put so much pressure on you to impress the ladies with your excessive amounts of cash? Do the ladies seriously decline gifts they deem not worthy of a first date? Has anyone ever refused to go out with you because you were empty handed? How many of you send holiday gifts to your crushes before the first date even takes place. In all seriousness. I really would love to hear your view points on this topic. The dating world seems to be getting pretty tough out there these days :)


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  • In the Middle Ages, during a tournament, if the land owner and therefor organiser of said tournament had a daughter, who was "even average" looking´, many a knight would promise to win the tournament, and usually the riches that came with the win, for that lady without knowing a single think about her. So no, society has always had it's share of shallowness. But I think it is so that materialistic views have gained ground in people of today, though it might be over emphasized by the economic turbulance the world is going through. I mean if a man is willing to buy an extravagant gift for you before the first date, then that might indicate that he has the wealth to keep doing so even should the situation get worse. Of course, that's just a theory. But I do think that todays society has emphasized "hotness" and if a woman is "hot", then she can usually demand such things or at least easily get such gifts for free without committing anything of herself to those she receves those gifts from. Of course same could be aplied to men, but it's less uncommon for that to happen.


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