Am I overanalyzing what he is saying and doing?

This guy I like texts w me and we joke about dirty things. He was texting me from a karaoke party and told me he was going to sing a song that required him to do a lot of hip thrustin. A few days later I told him good news and he told me he was doing a happy dance that consisted of a lot of hip thrusting. He jokes about my (large not small) chest or how he notices other guys staring at them. Basically, all of our text conversations go "there."

Is it me or is he trying to hint something ?


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  • Yes he clearly likes you, but for the wrong reasons. He seems to constantly be sexual with you, commenting about your breasts, so obviously you know what he wants. That doesn't mean thy he likes you on am ontelectual level. I'm sure thy your a great person so you should really look for someone just as great. This guy sounds like a pig so you should really let him go. If you want to see if he likes you for more than the sexual aspect try changing up the the topics that you talk about. If he brings it back to dirty comments that you know what his intents are for sure. Hope this helps!

    • Funny enough I do and he will go along with the topic change. If something is wrong he's always the first to make sure I'm OK, offers advice and is protective. I just couldn't tell if he only liked me as a friend or if guys just do this

    • Okay that's good! I guess I got the wrong initial impression; I think really does like you. Being protective is one of the things that guys do if they really care about a woman. But if you ask him how he feels then you will know for sure. If he doesn't then it's okay because you will still be friends. And if he does that's great new for you! Iv'e found that most guys that try to help you out and give you advice like you as more then friends. If he asks you for advice then he certainly values you