What can I do to fix my dating problem?

I've been single for quite a while now and I'm having no luck finding anyone. I've tried 3 online dating sites, going out in town and hitting on girls. Even speed dating, and nothing has worked most chicks I meet just want to be friends with me. Not to toot my own horn but I'm tall, dark and handsome, I have a good paying job, a great family, I'm respect, courteous, a great friend, very funny, I take care of my self, I for the most part keep a smile on, and I love helping others. I'm a leader, I'm taking college classes, I have solid life goals, I'm fairly open minded, head strong, strong willed and then some.

what is the deal, oh and I'm always trying to improve my self.

i have met some pretty girls where I live however they just use me for stuff.

Money, transportation, favors.

what can I do to turn things around?


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  • Hmmm...it sounds like you have the whole package...maybe you are too nice that you allow yourself to be taken advantage of. Not all people will take advantage of a person like this but many will (a flaw in human nature). If someone doesn't set boundaries then people take advantage and if you allow it, they tend to lose respect for you. Women are attracted to all that you have already mentioned...but since you mentioned feeling used, it leads me to believe you may not have set some boundaries. A man that respects himself and sets boundaries can be very attractive as well. I could be totally off but since you seem to have everything else, that is my suggestion.

    You are still young. It may take awhile to find someone worth it. Just enjoy your time dating and don't take it to heart. If it was so easy, they wouldn't have this site :) Best of luck!

  • Stop looking, then when you cross paths with some onee you fancy when your shopping etc just ask them out.

    • damn I forgot that one, I tried that too. didn't talk to any girls for 3 and a half months.

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    • Thats true, and I am starting my college class this January I'm I could meet someone smart and nice at the school I'll be studying at. by the way I is damn near impossible to find a well rounded single girl in the military.

    • Exactly just stay positive :-)

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