Ex boyfriend is confusing me, need help

so me and my ex have broken up for about 2 months now. He came to visit me during Christmas break which is now. He told me he came here for a mission, which is to make me forget bout him and move on. So he will always tell me about the girls he has f***ed etc. But when I talk about a guy even if its just a kiss he would be pissed. But whatever it is I have been takin care of him since.

he has been begging me to stay as friends and gave me all kinds of reasons.

He likes to insult me and then be nice to me again. a few days back he told me hey you know I really love you and all this is just an act up. I took it as a joke because I had a feeling he was just testing me (as in how far I can resist him). During boxing day in the mall he was telling me hey would you ever get back with me, I was like *not gonna answer you cos it might be a test or you just wanna insult me* and he said no, but I ignored. today he was sick , I took care of him made him food gave him medicine and cuddled him to bed. he told me I sound like his mom.

HOnestly ii don't understand this guy. Please help


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  • I don't understand you (No offense). Why would you remotely be interested in a guy that treats you so poorly. And don't say "You don't know him." I know everything I need to know, to know that he is very immature and needs to grow up. You also need to move on.


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